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I welcome fellow bloggers and writers for submitting their post on our blog. I am accepting a guest post from any person maintaining a similar blog or for writers with experience.

Many new bloggers write content and wait for visitors to come to their blog but many experienced bloggers reach out others in the field with their amazing good content and built a name for them.

Some curious people think that guest post is out way to be lazy. That’s not the case. We put as much work or even more into guest posts as we for our own stuff. This is a different type of work which takes time. Guest posts are very important part of what’s going to be making SlackMash. Because we receive so many guest post submissions, we can’t possibly publish them all. It’s always a big NO NO for marketing companies.

We want real authors who are serious about writing and not promoting their products. Marketing companies should consider mailing at admin[@] for Lead Generation Purposes. Any guest posts from a Marketing Company would not be considered.

I would prefer articles from bloggers who are maintaining their own blog or have prior experience. If you don’t have a blog please include a sample writing. Marketing companies should avoid trying getting free advertisement.

People really don’t know the benefits of guest posting. You get many new readers, get new subscribers and additional traffic. But your content has to be unique and rather than “me-too” posts with nothing new.

Send your post title or ideas to

If your idea is approved, we will create a brand new guest author profile for you & you can submit the post from the dashboard.

What We Appreciate

1. Original Content
2. Content with Creativity, Art, Quotes, Quiz, Poll, Infographics, Story & Images
3. Tell a Story
4. Have a Point
5. Cite your Sources

Guest Post Writing Requirements

1. The article must be Unique, Creative, Innovative and Good for topics related to Inspirational Stories,  Quizzes, Listicles, Trivia, etc.
2. The post must be at least 500+ words.
3. Adult content and links are not allowed.
4. Please attach a relevant image for the blog (Copyright restrictions should be managed).
5. Spelling and Grammer mistakes should be avoided.
6. Individual Work is Vital
7. Self Promotion without too many backlinks
8. Post submission gives us copyright ownership of the post to avoid copyright issues.

Become a Paid Author

SlackMash is also looking for Media enthusiasts who can regularly write similar topics.

If you are looking to make some bucks and interested in joining SlackMash as a paid writer, send us some of your writing samples or links if you have contributed somewhere. Also, give your brief profile so what we can know you better. Also, let us know the list of topics that you would be covering or contributing to the site.

All regular writers will be paid via PayPal or online bank transfer.

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