Insanely Amazing Optical Illusions That is Crushing Our Brains. Who Said Optical Illusions is a Dying Art?

Characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality.

The explanation of Optical Illusion that we all love at SlackMash is from Wikipedia, “Optical illusion An optical illusion is an illusion caused by the visual system and characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality.


#1 Curvature Blindness Illusion

In a new article published in the journal i-Perception, researcher Kohske Takahashi presents a new optical illusion, which he calls the “curvature blindness illusion.” It’s pretty trippy.


#2 Count the Black Balls

Count the Black Balls Insanely Amazing Optical Illusions That is Crushing Our Brains. Who Said Optical Illusions is a Dying Art

This illusion is known as the Scintillating grid and was discovered by E. Lingelbach in 1994. It is a modification of the Hermann grid illusion. At the intersection, the balls will tend to vanish and disappear. The effect reduces as you go closer to the screen. Hence if you are not able to get the results try going far away from the screen.

At an angle of 45 also this does not work.

#3 Circling Rings

You just have to look at the center of the image at the dot in the center. Move forward and backward and you will find the rings circling.

#4 Rotating Wheels

If you look at the picture for few seconds you will start noticing that the wheels are rotating which is actually not true. If you stare at only one of the wheel all of them will stop.


#5 Old Couple Look Again!

At first, his image might look like an old couple talking to each other. Only when you look for some more time you would find altogether another picture.


#6 Object Not Possible

The Object might look possible at the first stance when you look closely for a little more time you would realize that such a product is not possible.


#7 Cafe Wall

Cafe Wall Illusion was first discovered by Dr. Richard Gregory who observed an anomaly in the way that the tiles of a wall in his local cafe in Bristol displayed. The lines of the wall are actually straight in line but they do not appear so.


#8 One Red or Many Red

Bezold Effect is such that the red seems lighter when combined with the white and darker when combined with the black.


#9 Short & Long Illusion

Robert Jastrow Illusion states that although two identical figures are kept next to each other they might appear small and big.


#10 Two Orange Circles

They are two orange circles the one on the left appears to be smaller than the one on the right. Although they are both of the same sizes.


You could put this to use in your own Industry. Next week we are going to post how Marketeers are using Optical Illusion in their Marketing Tactics.

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