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What Everyone Ought To Know About Optical Illusion Advertisements and which is moving Eyeballs.

The explanation of Optical Illusion that we all love at SlackMash is from Wikipedia, “Optical illusion An optical illusion is an illusion caused by the visual system and characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality.

How Marketers are using Optical Illusion in their Marketing Tactics to gain and retain attention to generate sales and leads for their respective companies. Today’s advertisement media is highly saturated and getting attention from consumer has become tougher than earlier.

It is best done through confusion rather than being simple and direct. Optical Illusion main agenda or reason behind using optical illusion is that consumer might need a second look or compelled to clear the confusion.

#1 Absolut

Absolute had started a series of advertisements replacing everything in the shape of a bottle. But this one is the best. It perfectly matches with their brand and product.

#2 Amnesty International

Amnesty International Inspiring people against injustice to bring the world closer to human rights & dignity enjoyed by all. It has been successfully creating poster over the last 50 years and this is one of my favorite.

#3 Coco Cola

This ad of Coca-Cola is another classic example of Mixing of Subliminal Marketing and Advertising with Optical Illusion. They are sending a very strong message with this advertisement one of them could be if you having food then there should be a Coke along.

Perhaps the interpretation these advertisements are only limited to your thinking.

#4 Container Optical Illusion


Many Major and Global Corporation have used this to take maximum benefit of attention.  This is one of the very good attention grabbers only up to the point that it does not deviate the driver on the road. Nevertheless, this is also our favorite advertisements

#5 Golds Gym


One of the best Illustrations of how you are going to benefit from joining the gym. We loved this one.


#6 Heineken

Bottom’s Up ad from Heineken and this is also self-explanatory. You would know why we have added this to our list.

#7 Heineken

No, no Heineken has not sponsored this. But if you can see the Optical Illusion of the Bottle you would understand why we have added.

#8 Two seconds to spot are two seconds too late.

This was a very popular ad done by Agency: Mccann Erickson, Tel Aviv, Israel. It was done victims of sexual assault in Israel.

#9 Julnacom

This is apart from Serious Advertising for the purpose of fundraising.

#10 Natural Mark

This Matches their Brand Perfectly.

#11 Toyota

This was done when Toyota was an Official SPonsor of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation.


You could put this to use in your own Industry.

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