Amul Utterly Butterly India’s Most Favorite Ad Icon [Year 1978]

Unbelievable Amul Ads Success Stories

Watch these ads to take you down the memory lane and to Be popular in the Old Indian Ads World. Did you know that how Old Indian Ads is Making the Weekend Better? Watch these ads and let us know ways Old Indian Ads is Cooler than Todays. The Only Old Indian Ads Resources You Will Ever Need


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#1 Amul & Durga Pooja festivity

#2 Americans boycott the Moscow Olympics.

#3 Amul & the festival of Lord Ganpati.

#4 Amul woos the bread of loaf.

#5 Arab jewels found in a London bank’s locker.

#6 Christmas time and Amul.

#7 CIA accuses Shri Morarji Desai of corruption.

#8 Climbing a mountain summit without oxygen

#9 Cloud seeding experiment to get rains.

#10 Commonwealth meeting in India at Goa.

#11 Congress (I)’s advertising blitz.

#12 Diwali festival & Amul Butter

#13 During the film festival called Filmutsav ’84

#14 During the period when shoot-outs was a phenomenon in Bombay courts.

#15 During the telecast of a popular TV serial, with popular actor Arnold, who was a dwarf.

#16 Dustin Hoffman plays the role of a woman

#17 En a dual way it’s supreme in every assemply.

#18 Extended Rajya Sabha term

#19 Film on wild-life.

#20 INSAT-1’s initial problems regarding opening of its flaps.

#21 Japan’s Prime Minister implicated in Industrial bribes.

#22 John McEnroe winning the Wimbledon.

#23 McEnroe using abusive language on the tennis court.

#24 On the Mid-term polls.

#25 Police commissioner Mr. Julio Ribeiro’s crack down on betting parlours.

#26 Prime Minister, Mrs. Gandhi’s Thursday business dinner with Members of the Parliament.

#27 Princess Di reviewing the British Fleet.

#28 Soft budget which pleased all sections of the society.

#29 Souyuz – Cosmonaut in space.

#30 Strike by resident doctors

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