Why We Love Short Tamil Films (And You Should, Too!)

Tamil Short Film That Will Melt Your Heart

Common Misconceptions About Short Tamil Films are all going to be busted. If you really don’t have time for watching a full movie you would enjoy and watch over and over again the Short Films. They are just called short film because they are not long enough to be considered at a feature film.

Here is a List of Top Tamil Short Film. Ponder over the new generation of films are getting all over the Internet. This has become very popular amount the storytellers. At the same time, the busy audience is all and all in for it. They don’t anymore have time to go to cinema house. The free disposable time during the transit or break is enough to watch a feature film.

The Comment Section is the best part. Watch these amazing Tamil Short FIlms and do get back to us in the comment section.


The comment section is the place where the best things happen.

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#1 Enakkane Piranthavane | A Award Winning Musical Tamil Short Film | Praveen Kumar

#2 Nee Vendumey – Award Winning Tamil Short Film (2K) | 2017 | English Subtitles | Love Comedy

#3 Ethir Nokku – Award Winning Tamil Short Film 2017 || by Aditya Narayanan

#4 VIVASAYE (2017) – Award Winning Tamil Short Film | One man Creations | Annamalai University


#6 Swapna Sundari – Award Winning Tamil Short Film – Red Pix Short Films

#7 The Affair – Award Winning Short Film | With Subtitles | Se Pictures | Surrya M. Narayanan

#8 Alli Malarum Adhikaalai – Award Winning Tamil Short Film 2015

#9 Kanne Kalaimaane | Award winning Tamil Short Film | Thalaivasal Vijay | Viruz Productions | 2016

#10 Heart touching award winning short film 2015 |Yes ! You may |

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