Sarcastic Illustrations by Igor Morski The 21 Most Arrogant but True Depiction Of This Century

Sarcastic Illustration is like half filled glass. Polish illustrator, artist, and co-owner of Morski Studio have successfully created images with hidden meaning. He graduated with honors from the Interior Architecture and Industrial Design Faculty at the State Higher School of Fine Art in Poznan.

Morski told Bored Panda. “However, most frequently I have tried to think up my own symbols. For example, [my piece] “creative archaeology” is about the commercialization of archaeology. There, I depict a halved human head filled with the sand with a stylised figure of Indiana Jones, the archaeologist, at the top. The symbolism becomes clear. On the one hand, you have the head filled with the sand, on the other, the figure digging in it.”

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Creativity is limited only to your thinking.

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