Motivational Quotes For Students from Gary Vaynerchuk

Motivational Quotes from the Gary Vaynerchuk to whom Family 1st! but after that, Businessman- a dude that Loves the hustle, people & his company vaynermedia.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a Belarusian American entrepreneur, author, speaker and internet personality.

He has spoken to hundreds and thousands of people regarding motivation, positive thinking, spark, trigger, spur, sway with unlimited followers across all medium. His quotes and thoughts are inspirations, motivational and talks about achieving something in life. Author of NewYork Best Seller Books.

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#1 Its More Important To Learn and Fail Than It is to Always Be Right

#2 High Five

#3 IM Educating With No Tuition Fee

#4 Tough To Be Let Down When You Don’t Expect Shit

#5 Optimism Is The Weapon

#6 There’s A Big Difference Between Doing and Aspiring

#7 You Can’t Be Heard If You’re Not Communicating

#8 Do Something About Your Life

#9 It’s Nout About Status. It’s About Mindset

#10 Excuses Are Always the Wrong Answer

#11 There’s Only One Story Yours

#12 Focus Inward

#13 Be Nice

#14 I’M Thankful For Your Attention So I want TO Bring Value

#15 Kindness Is The Ultimate Strength

#16 I Love The Hard Part, I Love The Extra Work

#17 RIght Answers

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#19 Results

#20 Even More Extra

#21 Talk To You After the Game

#22 Kindness

#23 Affected Without Hearing

#24 Your Business Is Your Monster

#25 Fun In Losing to WIn

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