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Most Expensive Keywords

Most Expensive Keywords

Most Expensive keywords in a compilation of major single keywords that generates the maximum revenue for Google.

What is a Key Word? Keywords are words and phrases that narrow down to a particular post, content, article or a website. Their orientation is usually searched queries that is search engine user generated. To know more about keywords, Longtail keyword, using a keyword to formulate content strategy and important of keywords you should refer Moz. Their article about keywords explains it all.

What is Google Adsense? AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.

Most Expensive Keywords

Getting back to the topic Most Expensive Keywords wordstream has conducted a research The 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords. Wordstream is a free tool and 20-Minute Work Week to create, optimize, manage and measure high-performing paid search and paid social campaigns.

There are many ways marketers put these words to use for strategic benefit.

If you are writing about blogging and your main source of income is Adsense this would keywords on a macro level you should be focusing on.

Top 10 Most Expensive Google Keywords

The Top 10 Most Expensive Keywords are:


One of the top keywords being Insurance you could simply write on topics such as blogging for Insurance Agencies, Which are the Top Insurance Companies using Blogging etc.

This would definitely be a daunting task but will be rewarded in long term.

The fact that Google is generating more than 98% of the income from this keywords explains what is the Importance of this. Keywords are very changing and dynamic in nature.

Core of Keyword Strategy

Attempting to Start a Blog targeting only the Top 10 keywords would be a task in itself.

Having a right mix of keyword strategy is the right way to manage and optimise your keywords strategy.

Low competition keywords would give you the opportunity to drive traffic similar to long tail keywords. Focusing only on long tail keywords you might get traffic but Adsense revenue would not be a motivation. Likewise targeting only the most competitive or expensive keyword would not drive traffic at all and finally, you would end up giving the hope of blogging itself.

Below is the Infographics that talks about Top 10 Most Expensive Google Keywords

Download the Top 10 Most Expensive Google Keywords as PDF


I am sure the way you are going to look at Keyword is going to completely change henceforth.

Doing the Keyword research is Important but what is even more important is having the Right Keyword Strategy. And keyword Strategy starts at the Top of the Business.

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