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Would You Rather Questions Funny

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Would You Rather Questions Funny Poll

Would You Rather Questions Funny Poll are for fun. Some are ridiculous, some are quite deep, while others are just fun to answer.

Would you rather questions are a great way to get a conversation started in a fun and interesting way. You’ll get some really interesting answers and probably learn a lot more about the person you are talking to.

Here are some examples below from Would You Rather.

Be a dragon OR have a dragon?

Be rich and ugly OR poor and good looking?

Be able to turn invisible OR be able to fly?

Be 3 feet shorter OR 3 feet taller?

Have one wish granted now OR 3 wishes granted in ten years?

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  • Would You Rather

    • Half Your Weight
    • Double Your Weight
  • Would You Rather

    • Rs. 10000000
    • True Love
  • Would You Rather

    • In a Cold Room
    • In a Warm Room
  • Would You Rather

    • Expensive Mobile
    • Laptop
  • Would You Rather

    • Cricket Match Stadium
    • Cricket Match Television
  • Would You Rather

    • Girl Friend
    • Mother
  • Would You Rather choose for a Partner

    • Personality
    • Beauty
    • Intelligence
  • Would You Rather spend next 3 days felling

    • Hot
    • Cold
    • Thirsty
    • Hungry
  • Would You Rather Play

    • Cricket
    • Football
  • Would You Rather

    • Milkshake
    • Ice Cream
  • Would You Rather

    • Maldives
    • Bangkong
  • Would You Rather

    • Ability to Turn Invinsible
    • Ability to Fly
  • Would You Rather

    • Tamil Cinema
    • Telugu Cinema
  • Would You Rather

    • Laptop
    • Pad
  • Would You Rather

    • Elephant
    • Lion
  • Would You Rather

    • Walks
    • Drives
  • Would You Rather

    • Riverside
    • Valleyside

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