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Would You Rather Questions Kids. Some are ridiculous, some are quite deep, while others are just fun to answer.

Would you rather questions are a great way to get a conversation started in a fun and interesting way. You’ll get some really interesting answers and probably learn a lot more about the person you are talking to.

Here are some examples below from Would You Rather.

Your Favorites?

Choose among the best?

The most admired person?

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  • What you admire the Most?

    • Sport Person
    • Actors
    • Teacher
    • Businessmen
    • Parents
  • Which is the Super Power that you would Like to have?

    • Flying
    • Invisible
    • Super Strech
    • Super Learning
    • Super Learning
    • Amazing Speed
  • What is your Favorite Sports Game?

    • Cricket
    • Swimming
    • Hockey
    • Football
    • Golf
  • What if Your Favorite Cartoon Character?

    • Doraemon
    • Pokemon
    • Shin-Chan
    • Dragon Ball Z
    • Dragon Ball Z
    • Beyblade
  • Your Favorite Subject in School?

    • Maths
    • Physics
    • Biology
    • Economics
    • Other Language
  • Your Favorite Video Game?

    • Horizon Zero Dawn
    • Super Mario Odyssey
    • Cuphead
    • Persona 5
    • Sonic Mania
  • Your Favorite Actor?

    • Shahrukh Khan
    • Salman Khan
    • Ranveer Singh
    • Ranbir Kapoor
    • Aamir Khan
  • Your Favorite Animal?

    • Tiger
    • Lion
    • Elephant
    • Zebra
    • Polar Bear
  • Your Favorite Dumb Animals?

    • Sponge
    • Amoeba
    • Jellyfish
    • Starfish
  • Your Favorite Harry Potter Character?

    • Hermione Granger
    • Harry Potter
    • Severus Snape
    • Albus Dumbledore
    • Ron Weasley

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