Grandma in the Czech Republic Creatively Enriches her Time By Artistic Paintings

Limitations of the Art Only Exists in the Mind

Age is just a number. She became popular because of this but still remains low saying that its just her hobby.

Anežka (Agnes) Kašpárková is from an agriculture background. She picked up the art from another local woman while working which she enjoyed utmost. Floral patterns are created with a paintbrush and blue color. Grandma’s artistic painting is very popular.

These floral patterns are across all over the village. The entire village is her Art Gallery.

Looking at her work it only tells us creativity cannot be limited to the age. The only time she does not paint is during the cold. It changes the entire aura of the village post the spring paintings which are then later are repainted when they become start to lose their shine.

Look at the images below to judge for yourself.

(Credit: MyModernMet)


















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