Artist Presentation of Rafael Mantesso and his adorable dog – The Noted Social Media Artist

Artist Presentation of The Social Media sensatations about his adorable dog “Jimmy the Bull”. The story of Rafael is very motivational. It is a classic exmaple of how negative energy is converted into positive energy. An negative event was taken very creatively which has amassed him a huge fan following. Today he has become so popular that he has launched a book which potrays about owners and their dog’s.

“On Rafael Mantesso’s thirtieth birthday, his wife left him. She took their cookware, their furniture, their photos, their decoratiohns. She left Rafael alone in an empty all-white apartment. The only thing she didn’t take was their bull terrier, whom she’d named after her favorite shoe designer: Jimmy Choo. With only Jimmy for company, Rafael found inspiration in his blank walls and his best friend and started snapping photos of Jimmy Choo as he trotted and cavorted around the house in glee. Then, when Jimmy collapsed in happy exhaustion next to the white wall, on a whim Rafael grabbed a marker and drew a new world around his ginger-eared pup. Suddenly, Rafael felt his long-dormant inspiration—for drawing, for art, for life—returning.”

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Creativity is limited only to your thinking.

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