Amul Utterly Butterly India’s Most Favorite Ad Icon [Year 1982]

Unbelievable Amul Ads Success Stories

Watch these ads to take you down the memory lane and to Be popular in the Old Indian Ads World. Did you know that how Old Indian Ads is Making the Weekend Better? Watch these ads and let us know ways Old Indian Ads is Cooler than Todays. The Only Old Indian Ads Resources You Will Ever Need


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#1 Historyc Choice

#2 A comment on Ayatollah Khomeini.

#3 A comment on famous movie `Godfather’.

#4 A comment on staking exhibition.

#5 A pun on Sales Tax.

#6 Amul pacifies the protesters for the hoarding captioned Indian virgin needs no urgin which was put up earlier.

#7 An English girl married a Calcutta rickshaw-wala.

#8 Bankers’ demand for increased Dearness Allowance.

#9 Begin with Amul after the Roza fast.

#10 During Russian leader’s visit to India.

#11 During the period when FSI was being misused.

#12 Electricity cut in force.

#13 Ho khaiye paav Amulwala

#14 Indian Airlines regrets the cancellation of its namaste.

#15 On the occassion of International Year of the Child.

#16 On the occassion of International Year of the Child.

#17 On the occassion of Navratri festival.

#18 Policemen ask for increase in salary.

#19 Reigning Butter

#20 Strike for increased emoluments.

#21 Sunil Gavaskar’s double century.

#22 The take-care cabinet

#23 Topical during a severe winter season.

#24 Virgin test for Indian women at the airport in London.

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