Awesome Street Art by Sfhir

Street Art by Sfhir is just Awesome. We suggest you to visist his website and you would be amazed with creativity. He is very active painter and he has created some of the best artistic street painting all over the world.

On being asked how you got the tag name he answered his part of school story.

“Where my artistic name comes from has  a nice story. It was 1995 when I got caught painting a graffiti in high school. The director called me to his office with the intention of expelling me for several days, then the art teacher interceded for me and called me to his office to tell me that he was going to remove the punishment from the expulsion. However I should  paint the graffiti again, but this time with Planning a preliminary sketch and with all the time in the world to do better. He also lent me a book about the beginning of graffiti in America. That book fascinated me, especially the mythical Zephyr who inspired my name with his super powerful lyrics for the time always embodied on train wagons.”

One being asked What is Street Art for You?

“For me, street art means breaking the boundaries between the studio, the artist, the galleries museums and so on to democratize the art plasmandolo in the street and make it available to everyone. In this way, anyone from the social class can become an art critic or simply a spectator.”



Creativity is limited only to your thinking.

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