5 Smart Closing Techniques Smartest Sales Guy in the Team Follow

Sales is the only function where the effort goes unnoticed and only net result matters. Getting an appointment, building pipeline, nurturing the leads are the mere efforts you are putting in but you are paid not for building pipeline but to pick a cheque.

Not everyone is successful in picking the cheque most salespeople are naysayers, not optimists to work out a solution to close the sale.

You may be good at pitching and following but if you don’t master closing techniques then your competitor will grab a cheque using your efforts.

Some salespeople talk for an hour with prospects but they get the apprehensive feeling when they ask for closure because of the fear of rejection.

Being in sales for more than three years I learned and practiced few important closing techniques from my seniors and managers which I would like to share it with fellow sales professionals.

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“Result Matter More Than the Effort”


1.Learn to Handle Objections

It is one of the important skills a sales guy has to learn or script it on his own for his project.

Sales objections vary from business to business but there are few common objections which happen in all product sales and most of the salespeople fail in handling objections.

For example – A prospect would like to procrastinate the buying process by simply making the statement that he wants to discuss with his fellow business friends or to their managers. But actually, it’s just an excuse to postpone the sale.

You can smartly request them to speak to those people over the phone and get it sign by today.

In some scenario, you may hear prospect saying I would like to meet your competitors before taking the final decision. In that scene, you come forward help him to meet the competitors and try to close the deal ( do this only if you are a leader in that product).

These two just a common objections salespeople face during the closure. But based on the product you might be facing many objections, sit with your managers or experts in your company and come up with the right answer for all the objections.

2.Create an Urgency

If you cannot tell them why they have to buy it today then forget about closing the sale in this life.

Giving time-limited discounts to buyers is the most acclaimed urgency trick smart salespeople practice to get the sale done.

The word discount triggers the buyer’s mind to go for purchase immediately but we can also create urgency by triggering the fear factor like “ the prices may go high from next month because of some X reason “ this will definitely induce the fear of paying high for the same product so there are more chances of closing the sale faster.

You can devise your own strategy to create an urgency like accelerating the process of delivery time, free door delivery and stuff related to your business.

3.Take Your Manager to Close it on The Spot

You might have heard many of your prospects saying call your manager and tell me the best price or bring your manager to close the sale.

It is a common buyer’s mentality to think that managers will always offer a good deal either in price or some added features in the product. That’s the reason they ask for managers.

Even if there is no chance of providing discounts or free features they will believe only if the manager says, believe me, negotiation ends there and you will mostly end up in signing the deal.

4.Show Their Competitor

Explain to them how their competitors are getting benefit from the market because they had taken decision faster.

For example: Being from Real Estate Advertisement industry we show the prospects how their competitors are taking the benefit out of the market because they started advertising earlier.

This will definitely accelerate the buying process.

5.Empathy Close 

This is the worst closing technique in any sales which should be followed after attempting other techniques.

You can request your prospect to close it by today as you had given a commitment to your manager and it may cost your reputation or faith if you fail to close it down.

This technique works only if you have a good relationship with the prospect and provided he is interested to sign but delaying the process.

I know sales people using this technique to close the sale. My manager itself follow this technique.

He used to say that I had given a commitment to my manager and if I fail today it will cost my job so I request you to expedite the procedure then surely he will sign up the order.

These are the 5 smart closing techniques practiced by smarter people. Please comment on your views to enhance this article.

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  1. Hi Nizam
    Just amazing post. The best point which I loved is show urgency. I am definitely going to use this.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article. Looking forward to read more posts from you.

  2. I am just having such a rough time. The market is sluggish and as you rightly said results matter more than the effort I am in a fix.
    Nizam can you guide me what should I do in such a situation.

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