27 Facts About Inspiration That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End and Surprising Ways Inspiration is More Refreshing

#1 Big Ideas Have Small Beginnings – START SMALL THINK BIG

#2 A Good Piece of Advice Always come’s Out of an Failures Mouth Believe me! It’s Worth to Listen. Scrivener

#3 I’d Rather Be Someone’s Shot of Whiskey Than Everyone’s Cup of Tea

#4 Never Make a Permanent Decision on a Temporary Situation

#5 You are Your Only Limit

#6 Life is Short Focus on What Matters and Let Go Of What Doesn’t

#7 Be Yourself Everyone Else is Already Taken Oscar Wilde

#8 Nothing Ever Happens Like Your Image It Will and That’s Okay

#9 Be Strong Enough to Stand Alone Smart Enough to Know When You Need Help and Brave Enough to Ask For It

#10 I’m a Day Dreamer and Night Thinker

#11 Prayer Is Not Just For Times of Troubles.

#12 Some Writing are Written in Pen While Some Others are Written in Pain

#13 What is Coming is Better Than What is Gone

#14 And We Thought This Was Not Possible

#15 Are You There Half Way There?

#16 Being Happy!

#17 Entire Path is To Long and We Have To Start Looking fro Next Step

#18 What Are You Learning Today?

#19 Everyone Does Not Want A Perfect Person SO Why are You Trying to Make Yourself Perfect.

#20 Stop Thinking.

#21 Take Care of Your Thoughts.

#22 You Deserve It

#23 STOP

#24 Happiness in Little Things and Success In Big Things


#26 Start Self-Respecting By Eating Well

#27 Living for Moments

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